5 Stars. "SAVING LUNA is a first-rate story that is sure to resonate with people around the globe."
- Colette Gunson, A'n'E Vibe (read the full review)

3 1/2 Stars (out of 4). "Powerful documentary. Blockbuster stuff."
- Greg Quill, Toronto Star (read the full review)

4 Stars. SAVING LUNA is "a truly fascinating movie."
- Liz Braun, Toronto Sun (read the full review)

"The fascinating story - which feels as if it could have been scripted in Hollywood - flows like a current through love, laughter, conflict and sorrow."
- Graeme McRanor, 24 Hours (read the full review)

"The cinematography is brilliant and the personal tales are compelling. No other film I have seen in a long time has been able to overwhelm me with such compassion, even though I struggle to remain hopeful that humans have learned a lesson from all that took place. It's an education, a heart-warming story, and very much a legend."
- Rebecca Bollwitt, E! Online (read the full review)

4 Stars. "Along with breathtaking cinematography, the filmmakers talk about the web of life, interconnectedness and the pitfalls of anthropomorphism. More than anything, they ask us to consider the "wall between humans and the natural world" in the hopes we may one day renegotiate the existing contract and see ourselves as an inherent piece of the puzzle, instead of removing ourselves intellectually from the world of 'beasts'."
- Katherine Monk, The Vancouver Sun (read the full review)

"This unforgettable true tale of justice, love, and friendship is likely to trigger inspiration in even the stoniest of hearts. The emotion that radiates off the screen from the story of the little whale who just wanted a friend is, like Luna's friendship, universal."
- Jillian Bailey, The Charlatan (read the full review)

4 Stars. "Breathtakingly beautiful"
- Julie Harris, Winston-Salem Journal (read the full review)

"An outstanding story of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Science meets heart and cultures clash, but in the end compassion and concern win. I learned a lot from watching this life-changing video - crying and laughing and enjoying it even the third time - and will surely watch it again and again, and share it widely. It is that good."
- Marc Bekoff, author of "The Emotional Lives of Animals" and "Animals Matter" and editor of "The Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships".

"I loved it... It hit me with an emotional power that nothing I've seen lately even comes close to matching."
- Bill Broyles, screenwriter, Apollo 13, Castaway, The Polar Express

"SAVING LUNA is by turns uplifting and joyous as well as thought-provoking"
- Stephan Cooke, Chronicle Herald (read the full review)

"A tale of leviathan proportions that will capture your heart"
- Christina Toth, Abbotsford Times (read the full review)

"A must-see film"
- Bonnie Gretz, Puget Sound chapter of the American Cetacean Society, Newsletter (Click here for the newsletter PDF)

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